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It all started when Pete and Laura Siemens got married in 1955 in Rosenort MB. They built a farm house south east of town beside Pete's Parents farm. It started with just 25000 laying hens, 5 dairy cows, 2 pigs, and 1200 acres of land. The farms name was Valley View Farms. Then on August 2nd, 1963 the farm became incorporated and was renamed Siemens Farms.


In the 1970's Pete and Laura Siemens, and their 8 kids moved their farm to Sanford MB, to expand to 48000 layer hens, 160 head of beef cattle and 3000 acres The farm kept growing, but in 1983 Dad, Pete passed away suddenly due to HCM, which is a heart condition that runs in the Siemens Family.


It was then the farm was moved back to Rosenort as all of the kids other than Kurt have moved off or worked away from the farm. The farm then was strictly a poultry operation with 17500 laying hens. Laura hired her son, Kurt to run the farm then eventually in 1993 Kurt purchased the farm from his Mom. Kurt then moved into the farmhouse where he raised his family with his wife Tami and 3 kids Madisson, Harley and Eyob.


As Kurts kids grew older, Harley showed interest in taking over the family farm. After Harley graduated from U of M Agriculture Diploma program in 2016 he returned to the farm. Kurt and Tami built a new house in the town of Rosenort to allow Harley and his newly married wife, Brooklyn to move into the farm house.


It was then in 2017 when the farm went under the most extensive renovation it has seen. Kurt and Harley has dreams of building 3 new barns (1 Pullet and 2 Layer) that were fully Aviary Free Run. The project took 2 years to build 36,000 sq ft.of new barns. 

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